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How to boost your immune system * 8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Stress. This is one of the biggest.  Mental stress, physical stress both can make a person more susceptible to or more prone to illness. Get enough rest.  Get some exercise.  Stop watching the news. If you absolutely have to watch or listen to or read the news, then limit yourself.  A constant barrage day after day from the media can make
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Adelle Davis Book
Use Adelle Davis Books for Your Health I became aware of Adelle Davis books in the late 1960s. Her books were a godsend.  I found that part of her philosophy was that each person could be different in nutritional needs.  One person may need a bit more or a lot more of a particular vitamin or mineral than someone else in the same family.  One could address causes of physical issues instead of just masking
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dr berg coronavirus video
Dr Berg and the Coronavirus This is a great 10 minute video, putting the Coronavirus in perspective.  And besides giving you ways of protecting against it naturally, also some simple ways to stay healthy through the winter months.   Some years a friend of mine, doing construction in Los Angeles, made an interesting point with one of his clients.  This friend of mine, had a customer that was constantly depressed and worried.  Read More Anxiety
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7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated1. Drink plenty of water.  This will vary depending on your activity level and other factors.  But if you are thirsty, you likely have gone past the point you should have had a glass of water.  Soda (Pop), coffee and energy drinks with caffeine are best to stay away from.  The majority of energy drinks have caffeine.  Check them before buying.  More on on that here.  Here also is
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What is seborrhoeic dermatitis?  Seborrhoeic dermatitis is simply a type of skin inflammation. Common with a newborn it manifests as cradle cap. It is also seen on adults as flaky, white or yellowish scales often on the scalp – causing dandruff or in other oily areas of the upper body: in the ear, inside of elbow or around the eyes. Also can show up on the chest, face and back. Sometimes as rash on the face. It is
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