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Sauna and WellnessThe Scandinavians are famous for their use of sauna for health reasons.  For Finns it is almost a religion.  There is evidence of sauna use in Scandinavia going back thousands of years.  They would even have babies delivered in them because it would be a sterile environment as a result of the regular heat. Known to be some of the healthier people in the world, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the
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Exercise and Your Immune System Most people are aware that exercise will make you healthier but not so many are aware how it can affect the immune system in a positive way. And in this regard, I don’t mean one has to work out 2-3 hours a day or be a triathlete or some such. You just need to get up your heart rate and circulation for a period of time each day - and
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Three More Anti-Virals Zinc Not only is Zinc a great antiviral, it also is wonderful for boosting immune function. If you can tolerate wading through white papers, there is a great one here on Zinc: Oxford Academic And this from Adele Davis’ book ‘Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit’: “It is essential father synthesis of body protein and the action of many enzymes. And undersupply in animals hand humans alike causes a loss of fertility,
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3 Natural Anti-Virals Colloidal Silver Olive Leaf Garlic Colloidal* Silver Microscopic or what are called nanoparticles of silver suspended in liquid works by disabling the enzyme that single cell bacteria, fungi and viruses feed on for their oxygen.  It kinda starves the virus. It has been used for thousands of years to treat bacterial infections, viruses and fungal infections.  Kind of a precursor to antibiotics.  Usually used in a spritzer type bottle, it can be
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Seven Ways Honey is Good For You 1:  Skin Treatment - Dry Skin Honey absorbs moisture when open to the air. If applied to dry skin anywhere on the body, it will naturally hydrate.  Dry skin is caused generally by a lack of moisture in the tissues and cells, not the lack of oil.  Properly hydrated, the skin will naturally heal all sorts of ills such as psoriasis and eczema. Or just dry skin.  Use
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