Pain: Symptoms and Causes

Lots of different reasons for pain and I'm not going to talk about all of them.  There is 'stub your toe' pain; there is pain that comes and goes; there are pains like arthritic pain that hang around all the time.  There are headaches and sore muscles from exercise.  If you walk around any kind of trade show, like a home show or state fair or some such, you will see numerous solutions for pain.  I know that not everything works for everybody.  If that were the case, people would not be constantly trying to come up with 'new & improved' solutions.

Also, it depends on whether a person is trying to fix the cause or a symptom.  You can get some relief for your knees hurting by using something like Thentix: Muscle & Joint Formula but most of the time you are not doing too much about the cause.  I know certain things that work for me.  If I exercise and don't stretch fully afterwards, then I can have serious issues with back and hip pain.  If I stretch properly and long enough I get steady improvement.

Millions of dollars a year are spent on 'pain' every year in the US of A. The volume of drugs that are poured into the bodies of the American public is staggering.  If at all possible, I prefer to keep things as natural as possible, though I do know that is not possible for everyone.  Sometimes the only relief that can be gotten is with drugs.

Massage works well for me.  But I cannot always get to a good therapist whether it be because of scheduling or some other issue.  So, a few years ago I was forced to discover a way to get some deep tissue massage very, very cheaply...

The DIY Massage:  The 'TENNIS BALL'!