I'll be the first person to tell you that not everything works for everyone.  There are so many factors and variables it is sometimes amazing that anyone can predict anything.  On this site we have the Thentix Skin Conditioner.  One of the things that it has helped with is Acne.  I gets teens and parents asking if and how it helps.  Part of my answer is that although it can work wonderfully, it cannot compete with 3 pizzas and 4 chocolate bars.

As with cancer, I've seen people go off to some other country to get treatment, sometimes unconventional, and their cancer goes into remission.  Why is this?  It is sometimes the treatment but I think it is just as often that the  person has been away from whatever is toxic in their home environment.  This could be physical toxins or mental/spiritual toxins.  The household the person is living in could have  hidden black mold.  Or there could be a person or persons in the environment that is somehow toxic.  These kind of people are not always obvious.  Could be someone not allowing their spouse to have any friends.  Could be somehow constantly putting them down.  "I was just joking."

I'm far from being a doctor. But I have come across people that have, by less than conventional means, defeated the nasty beast. Please use some sense with these comments and articles. Because they worked for one person they may not work for you. I've had good, dear friends try all sorts of natural methods unsuccessfully. Some win, many don't. If some of these things can help even in some small way, then all is good.  Good luck.

How My Friend handled Breast Cancer

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