Thentix Ingredient List

Here is a list of ingredients of Thentix - not necessarily in order...

Honey (Pure Natural - local Ontario, Canada honey)


vitamin A

Vitamin E

Vitamin B5



Calendula Extract

Royal Jelly

Sunflower oil

Castor oil

Avocado oil

Jojoba oil

Aloe Vera oil

I get asked how much honey.  Proprietary.  Plus, can’t be too much or the product would likely be way to sticky.

What is NOT in Thentix Skin Condition is almost as important as what IS in it.

No parabéns

No propylene glycol

No Lanolin

No wax

No petrolatum

Thentix A Touch of Honey is not ‘perfect’ but none of the real nasty stuff.  There are number of Apps you can get on your phone now to check the quality of foods and other things.  One of the better known is the Yuka App.  Scan your Thentix bottle with your Yuka App and it comes out at 93 out of 100.