Thentix 'A Touch of Honey' Testimonials

“I am writing to let you know how wonderful and how ‘A Touch of Honey’, made a huge difference in my family life. “My mother recently passed away due to kidney failure; she was diabetic, bedridden for eight months (at home) and her skin was extremely dry and itchy. The itchiness was due to the shutting down of the kidneys and my mother was scratching her self raw until we discovered ‘A Touch of Honey’. With the shutting down of the kidneys and the increasing of toxins building in my mother’s body we had to be very careful what was applied to her skin.
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“Within the first day of using Thentix you could see a difference. It helped decrease the itching, within days my mother’s legs were shiny and smooth. My father who is a big skeptic was totally amazed at your product , so much that he was raving to everyone about your product and showing almost everyone my mother’s legs, pointing out how silky smooth her legs had become.
“I must admit that I would not have believed a product could work as wonderful as Thentix, had I not seen it myself.
“My family and I thank you, for the short period of time that we had the product it helped relief some of our mother’s suffering.”
Sincerely yours,”

Cracked Fingers

“I work outside a lot and as soon as I start to see or feel my cuticles start to split in the winter, I put a tiny bit of Thentix on 2-4 times throughout the day and by the end of the day they have usually closed up.”

“This is by far one of the best skin conditioning lotions that you are ever going to use!”

Extreme Cold

"My son works in the oil fields in northern Alberta[Canada]. I gave him and four of his friends the small jar[Thentix] to use on their faces when it gets very cold.  The temperatures can get to minus 40 degrees in the winter.  They love the cream because when they use it their faces don't get so windburned. So now they are begging me for more.  Thanks."


"I have a 10 year old who has suffered from eczema for about 3 years on her face. Because of the sensitive skin on her face, I had to be very careful!

I have tried EVERYTHING, including the $300/tube prescription medication. The prescription medication worked on an outbreak but did nothing to prevent one!

I went to the Home and Garden show in Buffalo, NY last summer. I was sold because of the all natural ingredients and the smell. I was also told that it worked wonders on allergic reactions. Since I am allergic to my dog and regularly get blisters from him, I purchased your product.

Not only does it work wonders on my allergy blisters, BUT my daughter uses it daily and has had only 1 outbreak since she started using it.!! She used to get 1-2 a month that would last for about a week. With Thentix, her breakout was gone in 3 days!!!!! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT, and boast about it's properties to everyone. Her pediatrician even recommends it to his patients now!!!!! I can not say enough, and your products have done wonders for her self esteem!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!"
Anna Marie P