We are no longer selling the heat packs.

This page is about what the heat packs can do for pain.  

We no longer carry the heat packs. You can order them here: Snap Heat

Arthritic Pain

If you need heat to increase circulation to ease the pain, SnapHeat packs are ready in a few seconds.  Most people will need to have a layer of cloth material between the heat pack and their skin.  It gets very hot, it won't burn but may feel like it will or is burning.  Elderly people that are using the heat packs for arthritic pain are often being more sensitive to  extreme temperatures and as such should be more careful.

Recovery from Exercise

If you like localized heat to help flush the lactic acid then use an appropriate sized heat pack for the area.  The 5x9 heat pack is often large enough for most muscle groups.  The larger the heat pack, the longer it will stay hot.


Again, if you like heat for increasing circulation, you can have it in seconds.  The 'Neck and Shoulders' heat pack is normally used for this.  It will give you a deep penetrating heat into the muscles and tissues of the neck and shoulders increasing circulation which can help with all kinds of headaches.  Yes, we have some using this heat pack for migraines as well.


Heat is often recommended for patients with fibromyalgia.  If, for example, you want to stretch out some muscles to relax them, it will be easier if you heat them first.  Cold muscles with poor circulation may resist being stretched, reacting and causing more stress.  Use the appropriate sized heat pack for the area you want to stretch.  A medium sized one will usually last plenty long enough for whatever muscle groups on both sides of the body.  Good to stretch both sides equally, if at all possible.

Raynaud's Phenomenon or Syndrome

Caused by physical or emotional stress, Raynaud's Syndrome, closes down blood vessels to the extremities.  That numb, tingly , uncomfortable feeling results.  Getting some heat as quickly as possible to relieve this pain, can save much suffering.  Carry a couple of our hand warmers with you.  The are small and fairly easy to tote around.  Get instant heat to your hands or feet as soon as symptoms occur.  Depending on the person, as the skin on your hands is a bit tougher than some other areas of the body, you may be able to place the SnapHeat pack directly on your skin. If not, place a thin piece of fabric between the heat pack and your hands or feet.