Taking Care of Your Pets

Dogs, cats horses and other other household pets suffer from a wide variety of skin care issues and Thentix A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner can help.

Non toxic and pet safe.

Use on your pet for:

  • Hair Loss
  • Itching and  scratching: many dogs will scratch until they bleed.  Ingredients in Thentix such as calendula and camomile are anti inflammatory and will help calm the itching.
  • Soft pad abrasions: Being non-toxic, licking the rough, abraded or cut paws will not harm your dog or cat if they continue to lick the affected area.
  • Itchy rashes: As above
  • Sunburned noses: this for cats, dogs, and any other animals or pets that gets sunburned.
  • Flea and other insect bites: Again, particularly dogs can scratch and scratch an itchy bite till it’s raw.

If your dog’s paws get split and cracked walking outside in winter, it is completely safe to apply some Thentix Skin Conditioner.  It will soothe and help heal.  It soaks into the skin quickly so even if your puppy licks at his or her paws,  Thentix will still do its job.

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