Horses, Alpacas, etc ... And Thentix 'A Touch of Honey'

Early on when we were selling Thentix (almost 25 years now) someone at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada purchased the product and tried it on her Alpacas. 

Her Alpacas were getting sunburned noses and this customer had been told that Thentix Skin Conditioner could successfully be used for sunburn on people.  So, why not try it on her animals.  And she did and as it turned out, quite successfully.

From that time many others have used Thentix A Touch of Honey on horses as well.

Horses can get cuts or scrapes when playing or fighting or banging around their stalls.  As these sores heal, they can itch.  As the animal tries to rub or scratch the area he or she can rub off the scab and open the wound.  Putting some Thentix on the sore will help it heal but more important in this instance, it will calm the itch.  No need then, for the horse to scratch. 

Flies and other insects can be annoying but also their bites itch or hurt.  Apply a bit of Thentix to lower any inflammation and get rid of the itching here as well.


Horses of fair complexion get sunburned more easily.  Apply Thentix to foreheads, ears or noses to ease the pain of the sunburn.  This lotion will soak in very quickly and soothe almost immediately.  And speeds up the healing process.

Mud Fever - (Pastern Dermatitis)

Name for various skin conditions around the horse’s feet or legs caused mainly by bacteria.  Usually caused during wet conditions.

As in any rash or skin problems with humans, apply to your horse’s affected area at least a couple of times a day.  It may take a few days to clear up or may take longer.  Thentix Skin Conditioner will help soothe and take any irritation or itching away fairly quickly. 

As in with eczema or psoriasis with humans, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks or so to clear up.  Consistency and persistence are key.  If you are applying sporadically, it may or may not help. 

This experience all comes from Thentix use on horses.  But other animals large and small can benefit greatly as well. Check out article on Thentix for dogs and other household pets.



And check out the Ingredient List here!

(**Photos all mine**)

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