3 Natural Anti-Virals

Colloidal Silver

Olive Leaf


Colloidal* Silver

Microscopic or what are called nanoparticles of silver suspended in liquid works by disabling the enzyme that single cell bacteria, fungi and viruses feed on for their oxygen.  It kinda starves the virus.

It has been used for thousands of years to treat bacterial infections, viruses and fungal infections.  Kind of a precursor to antibiotics.  Usually used in a spritzer type bottle, it can be used topically on cuts and scrapes. Spray some in your mouth after brushing your teeth to help kill germs, viruses and to prevent infection.

Colloidal Silver is not cheap.  You can purchase in most health food/vitamin stores.  You don’t need much.  Also, there are machines you can get to make it yourself, but if you do this, do proper research to make sure that you are doing it correctly.  I don’t make it myself so am not the person to ask.  

*Colloidal - Definition
A substance whereby tiny particles - nano particles or ultramicroscopic particles are evenly dispersed in another substance like a liquid or gel.  These particles would be evenly dispersed and do not settle.  They would not be separated by normal filtering.)  


This is another one that ‘starves’ the virus.  The active materials in this natural compound, are elenoic acid and calcium elonate.  They act a similar way to silver, in that they effect the enzymes.  In this case they actually block the production of enzymes that viruses feed upon.  Some of the viruses that it can help prevent/get rid of, are influenza (the flu), herpes, polio and coxsackie (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease - webmd.com). 

If you have a sore throat beginning, spray a little to the back of your throat.  Two or three squirts a couple of times a day will handle most instances fairly quickly.  

A lot of actions that you take to prevent/cure will also depend on your immune system.  The stronger your immune system, the quicker you will recover and milder will be your symptoms.

I’ve listed out some good pointers for immune system build up in another article: Immune System


And then there is garlic.  Likely been around longer than almost any other anti-viral or antibacterial.  There is lots of good data on how garlic helps with bacterial infections and illness, but here is a great white paper (if reading it, doesn’t put you to sleep) that describes the efficacy of using garlic as a defence against influenza.

Garlic is pretty easy to come by. I would suggest purchasing it grown locally as possible.  Cook it, sprinkle some in salads or get it in capsule form at the vitamin store.

So, you have here, three natural ways to boost your protection against viruses and defeat them if they come near you.

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