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Let's Eat Right To Keep Fit

Not only is Zinc a great antiviral, it also is wonderful for boosting immune function. If you can tolerate wading through white papers, there is a great one here on Zinc: Oxford Academic

And this from Adele Davis’ book ‘Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit’:

“It is essential father synthesis of body protein and the action of many enzymes. And undersupply in animals hand humans alike causes a loss of fertility, low resistance to infections, slow healing, and a skin abnormality similar to psoriasis.“

Oregano - Oil of Oregano

My wife swears by it.  Nasty stuff if you ask me.  I mean it does work but…

Oil of oregano

Oil of Oregano

Yes, it is the herb that you use in cooking. But Oil of Oregano (extract) has some other properties.  Oregano oil extract has been used for

centuries for its curative properties.  It has anti-bacterial properties but also is often used for  colds so it anti-viral as well.  A great anti-oxidant so it will help boost your immune system.  Usually comes in a very small jar and you only need a drop or two.  (Obviously read the directions 🙂 )  The oil is extracted from the plant and placed in a carrier oil such as olive oil, almond oil or grape seed oil amongst others.  (Note: Make sure you are getting the ‘extract’ not the essential oil.) Good reference site: Oregano Essentials



elderberry berries

This is an excellent antiviral.  Per The Natural Medicine Journal:

“…is thought to be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of influenza and upper respiratory infections… While elderberry was shown to have inhibitory effect at all stages of influenza infection, it had a significantly stronger effect on the late-stage of infection than at early stage…”

Some farm the berries for the juice that can be made. These trees grow in the wild but can be added to a garden.  Some great information here for Harvesting and Growing Elderberry.

It can also be taken as a supplement - you can get it online or at your local health food or vitamin store. 

Article: Exercise and the Immune System

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