Switchel - Honey and Vinegar

D.C. Jarvis, a doctor from Vermont (1881-1966), wrote a book in 1958 called 'Folk Medicine'.  In the book he promotes the health benefits of natural honey and unprocessed vinegar.  There was some controversy a bit later when some organizations that were promoting a brew called 'Honegar', were shut down by the US Food & Drug Administration because of claims of its healing properties.  'Honegar' and 'Switchel' were names given to the concoction made from the honey and vinegar.  The US Food & Drug Administration does not like people other than doctors claiming to be able to heal or cure.  Same goes for Health Canada - the equivalent organization in Canada.  So, in my book, it is worth a look.

Honey has been used for healing for centuries - long before the existence of either of these entities.


1-3 Tablespoons of unprocessed Apple Cider Vinegar
1-3 Tablespoons of unprocessed Honey (to taste)
Half a cup of warm/hot water to melt the honey
Top up with cooler water to taste

Wonderful in particularly hot weather.  Lots of potassium.  Very revitalizing.

Remember, also, honey is anti-bacterial.  Taking some each day can help ward off harmful bacteria in your digestive tract.  

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