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I became aware of Adelle Davis books in the late 1960s. Her books were a godsend.  I found that part of her philosophy was that each person could be different in nutritional needs.  One person may need a bit more or a lot more of a particular vitamin or mineral than someone else in the same family.  One could address causes of physical issues instead of just masking symptoms.  

I have copies of these books and have found them indispensable over the years.

Adelle Davis' Books

Let's Cook it Right (1947)

Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit (1954)

Let's Get Well (1965)

It often takes a bit of research when you have something wrong with your body but by taking the time, I have always been able to figure out what I was lacking and remedy it.  

Fat Free? 

I remember reading a section in one of her books back in the early 1970s about the relationship of fat and carbohydrates.  Along the lines of: "if you take the fat out of the diet, you will start to crave carbohydrates".  I’m pretty sure that someone in the corn or wheat industry read this and thought: ‘Let’s tell everyone how bad fat is for you and people will buy more of our corn and wheat products.”  So, next, was years and years of a campaign getting people to eschew fat in their diet.  And look, now the USA is one of the most unhealthy and overweight countries in the world.  

And most have now figured out that maybe fat is actually good for you.  Fat doesn’t make you fat!


Use these as reference books.  Most people are not going to necessarily read one of them front to back.  You may want to read a chapter or part of a chapter on a subject that interests you.  

Back in the 70s, I spent the time going through a number of chapters regarding something that I was having difficulty with.  In this research, using a couple of Davis’ books, I kept coming across one or two particular vitamins being mentioned as possibly being deficient.  I started reading through all mentions of these and discovered other ‘almost’ problems that I had not thought of to address.  I discovered these were a couple of vitamins that I needed more of than most people.  Normal multi vitamins did not have enough of certain ones; the balance wasn't correct, particularly for me.  Taking extra of these over a few weeks completely fixed what ailed me.  

Then there is Adelle Davis’s famous anti-stress formula.

“The antistress formula.  During acute illness, take with each meal, between each meal, before going to sleep and approximately every 3 hours during the night if awake, always fortified with milk […] to supply the necessary protein […], 500 milligrams of vitamin C, 100 milligrams of pantothenic acid, and at least 2milligrams each of vitamins B2 and B6.” P. 31 “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle Davis

Add to this her suggestion of either Brewer’s yeast or torula yeast.  Nasty tasting but full of a proper ration of B vitamins.  


Some may think that Adelle Davis was against drugs.  Not so much but: 

“Nutritional needs are increased.  Without exception, every drug is toxic to some extent; standard tests on materia medical state that all are potential poisons.  The toxicity of many can be “largely if not completely counteracted” by an adequate diet containing anti stress factors.  Such a diet shortens the period when drugs are needed and makes them more effective with interfering with their function, even making some 20 times more effective than when the diet is faulty.”  P. 32 “Let’s Get Well” by Adelle 

In fact, most people, when I mention Adelle Davis as a reference for health related issues, have never even heard of her.  And selling the Thentix at Home Shows and various other trade shows, I speak to a lot of people.  

Some great quotes by Adelle Davis at 

You will find detractors.  I’ve read a few and they are mostly what I call “misdirection”.  Pointing out something other than the veracity of her research.  Pretty much everything that Davis writes about is thoroughly referenced.  And she was all about ‘what works for you’.  I’m pretty sure that the detractors of Ms Davis are not interested in your health.  The bibliographies in her books are extensive.

Back in the 1960s, she was pretty disgusted with the North American diet.  And it has only gotten worse.  A lot worse. More and more people try and mask symptoms with various drugs.  Never taking the time or asking their doctor to help find the cause of some illness or difficulty.  Even some, so called mental issues, can be easily resolved with the correct nutrition, food and vitamin and minerals.  

Even an organization such as is known because it has helped thousands and thousands of people with mental issues, such as depression and Bipolar Disorders using only natural supplements.  

Adelle Davis would have been proud!!

I’m pretty sure most of her books are out of print but they are easy enough to find on Amazon: "Let's Get Well"



You may be able to find some copies out there somewhere digitally. Probably good to have for posterity but I’d advise getting a hard copy, a real book, as you are going to be flipping back and forth constantly.  Much harder to do this digitally.  For me anyway.  

And as we are selling a skin product on this site, you will find oodles of references on problems like eczema and psoriasis.  If you are prone to need out pain cream check out sections on ‘inflammation’ or ‘pain’.  Great references in the back of the book; you can look up pretty much anything. 

I’d love to put links to all of these things that I’ve mentioned above but no-one, as of yet, has gotten any of these books into a searchable database online.  If anyone knows of or finds such a thing, please, please let me know.  

Thanks and have a great day!

- Martin

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Amazon has a digital copy of lets get well, in case you are interested. It is available to buy or to read free with kindle unlimited. Anyone can read free on computer or smart phone with free amazon kindle app. I was very happy to find, wish the rest of her books were on there, too! Everyone needs this information.

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