7 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

1. Drink plenty of water.  This will vary depending on your activity level and other factors.  But if you are thirsty, you likely have gone past the point you should have had a glass of water.  Soda (Pop), coffee and energy drinks with caffeine are best to stay away from.  The majority of energy drinks have caffeine.  Check them before buying. 

Here also is a list of some of the worst energy drinks for caffeine from Consumer Reports: Energy Drink List

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

More and more people are realizing that healthy skin can come from internal health.  Find foods with omega-3 fatty acids.  Easier to do if you find foods that are as close to what you already eat or that you may eat already or maybe you can just eat a bit more. 

Eggs: most people will eat them at some point.  The yolks have the Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  If you like eating a breakfast, try having a couple of eggs.  For me this is one of the best foods.  I like a big breakfast which keeps me going for a good part of the day.  Not everyone does well like this though.

Avocado: Put in salads.  Here is a great recipe for a tomato and avocado salad

I’ve heard of people putting avocado in their smoothies, I tried this and thought it was horrible but you are welcome to try it!

Flax Seed:  Keep a bag in the refrigerator and use a coffee grinder (dedicated for your flax) and put a couple of tablespoons in your smoothie or sprinkle some on a salad.  

Chia seeds: if you prefer them, use the same way you would the Flax. 

Fish: Switch out your meat for salmon or halibut.  There are others you may prefer.  Easy to find: Best Fish for Omega-3

3. Diet - by ‘diet’, I don’t mean go on a diet but just change what you eat.  There are certain foods that will affect your skin.  Also, remember that every physiology is different so not everything works for everyone.  I know individuals that do very well on a vegetarian or vegan diet and others that, even when they are eating the healthiest of these foods, do not. 

Try and increase the quality of the food you eat.  Higher protein content.  Sugar and high glycemic foods produce minor inflammation in the body that results in the breaking down collagen.  Collagen is in part what keep your skin healthy.  Sugar and skin.

Cut out sodas, (diet sodas are no better) and sugary desserts. Bread gets converted to sugar very quickly so try and keep your consumption down on that.

One of the articles that I read said to cut out coffee and alcohol.  Not going to happen for many people.  But, you can have a glass of water, big or small, between each beer or glass of wine. 

4. Hot Showers or overly hot baths can often lead to dry skin.  Ease up a bit.  

5. Soap

Most soaps will dry the skin.  Use less or find soaps that have fewer drying agents in them.  Check your local health food store.  They may be a bit more expensive but you won’t mind if you skin is not always itchy.  For the itchy scalp, we carry a great shampoo that will not dry - it actually hydrates.  The ingredients of most shampoos will dry the skin which can exacerbate things like dandruff and eczema or psoriasis on the scalp.  

Some people can get away without using much soap at all.  Most would be a lot healthier using much less soap.  One does not need to lather up the body daily.  Of course, use soap on your armpits and groin, ‘your bits and pieces’ but by soaping up your whole body every day you are washing off bacteria on your skin that keeps you healthy.  There is a lot more on this here: Should I Use Soap?

A lot of folks will have a hard time getting used to this, I know I did, but it is worth testing it out for a couple of weeks. 
If you have to use soaps and shampoos, try and find something with honey and calendula and aloe vera as these will hydrate the skin instead of drying it.  As much as possible, try and keep away with products that have laurel sulphates and phosphates.  

6. Lotions that are Humectants

When you are using lotion, find one that is a humectant.  The word ‘humectant’ means something that absorbs and retains moisture.  A lot of lotions sit on top of the skin, clogging the pores.  Many actually have ingredients that dry the skin.  You will find with these that you are having to apply constantly throughout the day.  Or every time that you wash your hands.  Honey and calendula, a couple of ingredients in Thentix ‘A Touch of Honey’ are both humectants.  Ingredients like this penetrate the skin and absorb moisture keeping it hydrated throughout the day.  Even when you wash your hands.  

7. Stress

Stress can causes spikes in insulin which affect the skin.  Could be why the horribleness of High School and Acne happen at the same time.  Stress can be physical, mental/spiritual.  A change of environment can always be good.  Get toxic people out of your environment.  

TimeThentix 4oz Tube

Some of the ideas mentioned here will take a little time getting used to.  Cutting out or down on sugar or energy drinks or coffee can be extremely difficult.  You may have to take some extra B vitamins to get through it.  There are some good Naturopaths that can help guide you through it if need be.  

I’ve known mixed reactions on the ‘no soap’ thing.  Some just cannot handle the different feeling on the skin. Give it more than a few days.

I get teens asking me if Thentix will help with Acne.  I tell them ‘yes’ but it can’t compete with six pizzas and five chocolate bars a week.  This goes for many skin conditions and solutions.  Sometimes you have to address the cause not just the symptoms.  

With winter coming, check out Thentix.  The small 2 ounce or 4 ounce tubes make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.  More here.


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