Refilling Thentix Two Ounce Tube

The manufacturers of Thentix try and listen to their customers.  Constantly surveying they will make changes.  (We know, you can't please everyone - but they try!)

We have had the 2 ounce tube as a replacement for that size jar for a little while now and recently came out with a four ounce tube.  These have been quite popular as they are much more convenient to carry around and a bit more hygienic than dipping your hand in the jar constantly.

Working a long trade show recently (Calgary Stampede) I had several people ask if these tubes could be refilled. I didn't  have a proper answer until now.  Doing the following worked quite well.  You will need the 12 ounce pump bottle to do this. You aren't going to be able to spoon it in from an 8 ounce jar.

My two ounce tube was almost empty so I removed the clear plastic top.  There is a small piece of foil over the inside: remove that.  The tip that is exposed has a very small hole for the cream to exit.  I took a longish, sharp knife and carved the hole a little bit bigger - just enough for the tip of the 12 ounce pump bottle to fit in.  Put the tip right up to the hole and squeeze some Thentix in.  Tap the small tube down so that the cream goes into the bottom and just keep repeating this until it is full.  Replace the clear plastic top and you are good to go. You may want to rinse the tube out with water between every couple of fillings.  Thentix doesn't last forever.  Rule of thumb is that is will last a year to a year and a half from opening.  It has natural oil which can go rancid over time.  Cool temperatures will help it last longer.  Just don't leave it on the dash of the truck when you go to Arizona or Florida in the summer!

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