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Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Zach Bush

Heal The Earth

Zack Bush, MD is my new hero.  Try as you might, you are very unlikely to bend your government or any of its agencies to your will.  Zack is a very bright guy.  He tried working with sections of the Department of Agriculture to rid the midwest farms of Monsanto’s glyphosate and other harmful chemicals.  These chemicals and poor farming techniques have destroyed much of the farmland in the USA and thus the health of Americans.  Zack Bush and his organization with others have ‘reclaimed’ a million acres of farmland.  Taking production from less than forty barrels of produce to over 300 barrels per acre - chemical free.  There was a great interview with him where the commentator asked several times why he didn’t work with government agencies. His reply was, ‘working with the government is too slow’.  

Here are a couple of videos.  One is pretty lengthy, of Zack Bush telling the damage that is being done to our planet and the people on it and how quickly and ‘easily’ we can repair things like global warming and the land and the food that is killing us.  

But if you watch anything, watch this (It's only 20 minutes long): https://farmersfootprint.us/watch/

And if you have a bit more time: 


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