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Dr. Berg and the Coronavirus

Dr. Berg and the Coronavirus

Dr Berg and the Coronavirus

This is a great 10 minute video, putting the Coronavirus in perspective.  And besides giving you ways of protecting against it naturally, also some simple ways to stay healthy through the winter months.  

Some years a friend of mine, doing construction in Los Angeles, made an interesting point with one of his clients.  This friend of mine, had a customer that was constantly depressed and worried.  Anxiety plagued her.  Further on in the conversation he discovered that this young lady watched the news on television morning and night, read the newspaper every day and periodically listened to the news on the radio throughout the day.  My friend challenged this woman to dispense with these for one month.  No watching the news, no newspapers and no radio. This was just before Facebook, so I'm sure if it was today, he would have added that in as Facebook, these days is worse than the rag mags like The National Inquirer and others that you find at the checkout counter at the grocery store.  My friend left her with this challenge and went on his way, not really expecting to hear anything.  A week later, not a month, she called him, saying that she did as he suggested and hadn't felt so good in years.  Her depression had completely lifted and she was becoming much more active in life.  In just one week!  

 Dr. Berg, talks about lessening stress in this video.

Watch the video, see what Dr Berg has to say.

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