If you want effective pain relief that is all natural, you are in the right place.  Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula has been certified by Health Canada as 100% natural.  

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Muscle & Joint Formula

Included ingredients that have been known to help with pain are Wintergreen, which is an analgesic(it numbs), Capsicum Oleoresin(that's the stuff that makes the pepper hot!) which helps to calm the nerve endings; Tea Tree Oil, which is know for healing and pain; and natural sulphur for swelling and inflammation.  

We have people that use it for headaches but be careful if you do.  I suggest that if you are going to use for a headache, put it on the back of your neck. Some will put it on the temple but it has capsicum and wintergreen, so if you get it in your eyes, you are going to be screaming like a baby!

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Muscle & Joint Formula
Muscle & Joint Formula
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