Tennis Ball for Pain

Some years ago I needed something for pain.  Sciatica was flaring up and I'd had some bad bouts of inflammation.  I could get some relief with topical creams like Thentix Muscle & Joint Formula but needed something to massage the muscles and tendons in the joints.  Massage works great if it is deep tissue massage but was not always timely and if I was on the road was chancy to get someone that could fix things.

I cannot remember now if someone suggested the tennis ball or I just thought to use one as I was in such pain. First use was when I was driving.  I would be sitting for hours and needed something.  Otherwise I would have to stop and stretch every hour or so.  I grabbed a package of cheap tennis balls at Walmart(don't every do this - they would off gas forever - spend an extra buck and get some good ones).  I would put it in various spots that were giving me problems.  I would put it under my hip/leg, at the joint and let it dig in.  Move it around different points on my hip.  For that lower back pain: Right down in my lower back, putting the tennis ball between the seat and my back.  Move it back and forth from side to side as needed - several minutes for each spot.  Once I started doing this, I could drive several hours without trouble and get out the car at the end of that time and not feel like an old man.

Once when were driving, my wife was having trouble with her upper back/shoulder area.  A knotted muscle below her shoulder blade.  I suggested the tennis ball trick for that.  She couldn't believe the relief she got from it.

Try using the ball in bed before you go to sleep or when you wake up.  One of the toughest spots to get when getting a massage (for me anyway) is the side of the hip.  If you lie on your side and place the ball under the hip where it is giving you trouble, you should be able to work it in to the stiff areas and really loosen them up.  You can keep adjusting the tennis ball or spiky massage ball to the exact spot or spots where needed.  Some people can tolerate more deep tissue massage than others.  If you really need some deep pressure, try the floor.

I've even used this on my shoulder.

Please remember, I'm not a doctor or massage therapist and don't know what is causing your pain.  The techniques that I'm suggesting on this website are generally things that have worked for me and others that had similar experiences.  As I have said previously, not everything works for everyone, which is largely due to the fact that underlying causes can be different from person to person.