Defeating Breast Cancer Naturally
- How one person did it.

I have a good friend that that I consult with on health issues quite regularly.  We have shared some interesting information over the years.  Recently, another close friend told me that she had found a lump in her breast and was getting it checked out.  Not a happy camper.  It is early and conventional means will likely easily handle it.  But she was very interested in trying to make it go away without invasive physical meddling.  My 'health' friend told me that she had had a similar problem which she dealt with quite successfully.  I asked if she would write something I could send to my other friend.  With permission, I'm posting here:

"Back in 1996 my doctor discovered a lump in my right breast and asked if I wanted to get a mammogram or go straight to a surgeon.  Knowing it would take a while, I opted for the surgeon.  I had just finished reading a book on preventing & reversing breast cancer so I began following the suggestions: For 3 weeks I ate no meat, mostly only raw vegetables and fruit;  I rebounded on a mini-trampoline for 10 minutes twice a day.  I did not go into fear.  By the time I got to the surgeon, he couldn’t find the lump but wanted me to get a mammogram, which I grudgingly did (the naturopath I was seeing gave me something to negate the radiation, etc.).  The mammogram showed there was nothing.  I would never do a mammogram again --- how can something that flattens you like a pancake not possibly cause damage and spread anything that might be there.  It’s also known that there are many false negatives.  Thermography which shows areas of heat, is much less invasive. 

Oh, yes, this was actually the 2nd “lump” time for me.  In 1976 I had surgery to remove a lump in my right breast but it was only a fibroid.  In those days you signed your life away...I had to give them permission to remove the breast if they found anything. 

So I’ve had a tendency for lumps for some time – I believe a sluggish lymphatic system contributes, along with the many toxins we’re exposed to.  In the last year I’ve noticed tenderness and “aching” in my left breast;  I didn’t actually notice a lump, but I didn’t search for it, either.  I use essential oils & had read, from several sources, about how good Frankinsense Essential oil is for cancer and clearing up breast lumps/cancer. So I followed the directions – add 10 drops of a quality essential oil  to a carrier oil (I use Jojoba oil...but could use coconut oil, olive oil) and apply.  I just put a tsp or 2 of jojoba oil in my palm and add 10 drops of Frankinsense EO and apply it.  I don’t even rub it in.  It absorbs fairly quickly.  I did that every night for, maybe a week or 10 days,  the tenderness & aching stopped within a few days. I use it when I remember – maybe a few times a month, or when I get another “twinge”.  Sometimes I’ll mix Myrrh EO with it as well. 

I use Aura Cacia Essential Oils.  They’ve been around a long time and are of high quality.  They are about ½ the price of the 2 popular Network Marketing companies’ oils – of course! (Young Living & doTerra) and are at least as good if not better.  Aura Cacia EOs are available at Health Food stores.  I buy Frankinsense and Jojoba Oil (also Aura Cacia brand) at my local health store or online (  I don’t think we can buy directly from the Aura Cacia site in Canada.  There are other quality EOs out there, I just go with what I know and trust.

The other thing I want to mention is wearing a bra.  About 2 months ago, I finally bought the book “Dressed to Kill” – the Link Between Breast Cancer & Bras”.  What an eye opener.  I cringed when I saw the diagram of all the lymph nodes around the breast and armpits & shoulders and I could see immediately how wearing a bra would prevent lymph drainage when worn for 12-16 or more hours a day!  And particularly unwire bras.

I’m much more conscious of it now and wear a non-restrictive sports bra more often or don’t wear one at all if I’m at home.  This is topic is not well known or talked about.

I also make a point of rebounding more often now (NOT wearing an underwire bra).  My mini-trampoline is always setup and, when I walk by it, I’ll sometimes jump on it for a bit.
I’m also careful about my diet -- high quality & organic, where possible.  I eat lots of salads – good mixture of greens; good fats – like an avocado a day & wild Pacific Sockeye salmon.  I eat other meats more sparingly -- grass-fed (good fats) if possible, certainly no antibiotics or growth hormones.  I avoid most grains & definitely no GMOs that I know of.  I treat fruit as dessert because it’s still sugar & cancer feeds on all sugar (I’ve heard that Steve Jobs did a lot of juicing, especially fruits which is being attributed to his demise)."


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